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Testicle Tea Bag

They might be slightly unattractive, balding and a taboo when mentioned at tea parties but none of u…

Reindeer Pate

Since Santa Claus got a brand new motorized sled last Christmas Rudolph and friends were surplus to …

Now: £8.49
Was: £12.99

Can't smile? Won't smile? Or just a bit bored of those same old photos? Well now you can transform y…

Moustache Pacifier

Whether it be a boy or girl you can now adorn your child with this Moustache Pacifier (or Moustache …

BarkCoo Clock

Needle Nose Ned is a dog. A dog that has replaced the cuckcoo and likes to bark, on the hour, every …

Mini Smiley Lamp

If you want a lamp to bring a smile to your face everyday then this has be the lamp to do that. The …


Some might say grotesque, others will see it as the perfect way to relieve stress. But if you think …

Miffy Rechargeable Light
Now: £65.00
Sale: £67.99
Was: £67.99

Miffy First Light is a modern take on the original Miffy Lamp. The difference with Miffy First Light…

Games On Thrones

If you've not got your fists clenched and straining like a strongman in the truck pull then you migh…

Trump Socks
Now: £19.99
Was: £29.99

We're not actually sure if Mr Trump wears socks that match his hair. Although we do know that he&nbs…

Beer Candles

Beer Candles don't smell like the morning after - or stale beer, they smell like the night before th…

WhinnyCoo Clock

The WhinnyCoo clock  is a horse cuckcoo clock. This will be confirmed with a 'neigh' on the hou…

Goat Yoga

If you like goats and you're partial to a bit of yoga this game is for you. If you look on Youtube y…

Beer Soap

The heady aroma of your favourite beer in a soap. For all beer lovers the perfect gift. You love bee…

Bacon Chocolate

Like Bacon? Like Chocolate? Then why don't you combine the two and try this rather unusual tasting c…

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COVID-19 Plush

It has been a strange old year, and it looks set to continue, but hopefully not for long. Here we ha…

Push Stick

Made from discarded fishing nets the Push Stick is here, allowing you to touch less surfaces, the so…

Fuel Candle

Probably the best gift you can buy for someone that is a complete petrol head. If you know someone t…

Beer Yoga

Finally exercise you can do whilst drinking beer at the same time... You could almost now say that b…

Fish Chocolate

Ok so it might sound a bit weird, and at first bite you might be slightly wary and not sure what to …

Ring Light
£14.99 - £21.99

Ever wondered how they always look good in films? Partly make-up, but it's also about getting the li…

Yoga Deck

If you're too self-conscious to go to Yoga Classes or your flatulence is particularly bad then no pr…

Inflatable Reindeer

No Christmas is is complete without a Reindeer - after all - How do you think the presents get all t…

reindeer crisps
Now: £5.99
Was: £6.99

Ok so they're not actually crisps.... they are jerky, Reindeer Jerky, made and shaped to look like c…

Minecraft Alarm Clock
Now: £18.99
Was: £21.99

If you're reading this you probably know what Minecraft is. We don't know, but we like the look of i…

Guess Who Coasters

The old ones are always the best, and that's certainly the case with these Guess Who Coasters. The a…

Yoga Joes

Yoga Joes are here to keep the inner peace. They're the classic green army men, practicing Yoga inst…

Fiddle Fone

You do something enough and your brain becomes accustomed to it. That's why you might think you need…

Drinking Bird
Now: £6.99
Was: £7.99

Don't drink on your own, always drink with someone else. This Drinking Bird will happily oblige and …

Twin Stethoscope
Now: £6.99
Was: £8.99

Double dual head design makes it possible for two people to use it at the same time! It is great for…

Eyeball Soap

Not something you need when wandering into the bathroom late at night and seeing an eyeball looking …

Indoor Picnic Blanket
Now: £19.99
Was: £23.99

An Indoor Picnic Blanket... Normally only something you might consider if it's raining. But these da…

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