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  • Bacon Apron

    Just to fuel your bacon obsession we now have the Bacon Apron available along with all our other bac…

  • Gummy Bacon Rashers

    Hmmm, we all (nearly) love bacon. Well now you can enjoy it in yet another form. Still in the tradit…

  • Bacon Air Freshener

    There's nothing like the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. It's the kind of smell that'll have …

  • Bacon Soap

    So how do you like your bacon in the morning? Grilled? or maybe just in soap form. Now you really ca…

  • Bacon Wallet

    A must for any bacon lover and that's probably quite a few of us (even vegetarians), this Bacon Wall…

  • Bacon Body Wash

    Just about everyone loves the taste of bacon, even vegetarians like the smell of bacon cooking. It h…

6 of 6 Items