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Banale Face Mask

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Product Description

Please Click here the only face masks we currently have in stock are our new Designer Face Masks


The Banale Face Mask has been replaced with the Air Valve Face Mask, it comes with x5 filter. This has been shipped in from the Hong Kong where this kind of mask has proved popular and effective.


The Air Valve Face Mask is Washable - Adjustable Nose clip and Ear loop - Ultra comfort - Increased security, maximise air circulation and stop moisture build up





Years ago it might have seemed unusual to see someone using a face mask in public. But these days it is common place. The need to get about and commute in todays modern urban environment means it's imperative to know you're breathing in clean air.

The Banale Face Mask combines fashion with function. It's far from a surgical face mask, your mouth and nose are still protected but you don't look like you're about to start open heart surgery.

The Banale Active Face Mask frees your walks from dust, bacteria, and pollen. Comfy in and out, with a lycra cover and a special foam that entraps air pollution.

Wash it to remove all the particles and reuse. Machine or hand washable!



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