Bush Tucker Trial Challenge

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Experience the tension and excitement in this action packed game as you take part in Bushtucker Trials.

Become King or Queen of the jungle, just like the TV show without being bitten by insects or eatings the kangaroo's nads.

Players spin the spinner and then have to eat one of six edible snacks included in the box. Things start off easy, with rice puffs and jelly beans, but soon escalate to whole chillis, mealworms, crickets and even a locust. This game for two or more players includes six pots that are packed with lots of treats and real edible insects, ensuring no one misses the chance to try some bugs.

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  • Insect eating party game
  • Official I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here product
  • Spin the dial and eat the indicated snack
  • Rice puffs, jelly beans and chillis
  • Mealworms, crickets and locusts
  • For two to six players
  • Box 33cm wide



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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