Chewdriver Children's Cutlery Set

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Having the right tools is important for any job, especially for the youngsters amongst us. The Chewdriver Set is not only an educational toy but should also encourage your children to eat and think for themselves. They'll have to decide what utensil to use and change it to suit the job. You'll hopefully have them eating without any help in no time.



The Chewdriver comes with three magnetic interchangeable heads, and can morph from spoon to fork to knife at will. The Chewdriver even features a tool style grip to ensure that you won't slip when slicing that steak or scooping up that ice cream. The Chewdriver is a tool that Bob The Builder, Handy Andy, and any other tradesman worth his salt would be proud to have in their tool kit come lunch or dinner time.


  • Magnetic interchangeable tool style cutlery
  • Chewdriver pack includes:
    • Handle
    • Fork attachment
    • Spoon attachment
    • Knife attachment


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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