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COVID-19 Plush

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Product Description

It has been a strange old year, and it looks set to continue, but hopefully not for long. Here we have a Covid 19 Plush, keep it as a momento, a reminder, and educational tool. Something we can be certain of is that we will all look back at this one day, and have a story to tell.

Get your own Covid-19 Plush, choose to treasure, or abuse it, but for whatever reason this virus is 1 million times the size of the original.


  • The safest way to give your friend Coronavirus
  • Tag includes facts about COVID-19
  • A million times the actual size!


  • Measurements: 12 x 11 cms
  • Ages: 3 and older
  • Care instructions: Sponge clean with warm soapy water. Air dry. 
  • Made in China

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