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DarkFin Gloves

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Product Description

Not since the jet fin was invented has there been a product that allowed those participating in water sports more control and maneuverability in the water. Ideal for swimming, surfing, snorkelling and more.

Click here for sizing chart: https://darkfingloves.com/sizing/

Great for snorkelling and scuba diving:

Surge control...hands, turning...hands, reverse motion and micro adjustments...hands! We have spent a lot of time in the water with these gloves but more important we watch others in the water. Some master divers insist they don't use their hands for propulsion because of their inefficiency. Darkfin gloves are the answer to that problem. Darkfin can increase hand efficiency by increasing surface area as much as 70%. Also, when used in unison with your feet Darkfin gloves can dramatically increase your swim speed.


Great for swimming:

Never before has the swimmer had such control over his/her resistance training. The flexibility, comfort and quality is unsurpassed and the impact on your workout is astonishing. Increasing the surface area of any object moving through air or water will result in an increase in drag.

Resistance training for both professional and novice swimmers has been around a long time. Sounds like a no brainer but until now a practical solution to increasing the surface area of the hand has been elusive. For years plastic swim paddles were the answer for some but fell well short of the mark. Enter the “webbed glove”! This of course is the only logical answer but even this had shortfalls. Until now! The new Darkfin power gloves not only increases the surface area of your hand by as much as 70% it does so with style, comfort, flexibility and dexterity. Finally, with the combination of Natural latex rubber and superior design...problem solved!


Great for surfing:

Not since the surfboard fin was invented has there been a product that allowed more position control, maneuverability, and paddle speed for surfers.

It's this simple. If you surf... you paddle. Some surfing experts will say “All you need is technique” Have you ever seen a surfing technique where you did not have to paddle? Of course not! You paddle to the swells, you paddle to get position, you paddle to catch the wave. Darkfin gloves’ rear web design can increase your horsepower by as much as 70%. That's huge! And for competition training, Darkfin gloves will help build all of the upper body muscles needed to make you a more powerful competitor.

Darkfin Power Gloves might not improve your surfing technique but they can put you in position to catch more waves, and riding more waves will make you a better



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