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Dreamwalker 450 Sleeping Bag

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Product Description

The Dreamwalker sleeping bag is for serious outdoor people that need a premium sleeping and the ability to walk around in it. Unlike the Musucbag this allows you to use your own footwear by opening up at the bottom.

The Dreamwalker 450, a down-filled, wearable sleeping bag that can be unzipped and cinched up for easy wear as a poncho. Rated to 35 degrees Fahrenheit, it keeps you warm in the parka-like comfort of 450-fill goose down, one of the best insulators around. Zippered sides allow you to keep your arms free when you're wearing the mummy hood while a zip-off bottom makes it possible to walk around camp.


  • Perfect for cool summer nights in camp, 450-fill goose down insulation provides just enough warmth without causing you to overheat
  • You and your insulation are protected from the elements in Texped PA35, a ripstop nylon fabric treated with durable water repellent (DWR) that readily sheds moisture
  • Perfect for cooking or warming up in the tent before bed, the armhole design allows you to be up and active while surrounded by the comfort of your sleeping bag - zip off the bottom and your sleeping bag is an instant poncho
  • Insulated draft tubes and stiffeners prevent snagging and protect you from the cold and locking zippers at each side of the bag can be adjusted to provide more or less room
  • Locking zippers stay in place and have glow-in-the dark pulls for easier use in low-light conditions
  • Super-soft draft tube collar is gentle on your skin
  • Stress points are reinforced with bar tacking



Fits to: 5 ft 11 in (Medium); 6 ft 11 in (Large)

  • Temperature rating: +35 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Insulation / EN Rating (degrees Fahrenheit): 450-fill goose down / 46 (T-comfort); 38 (T-limit); 12 (T-extreme)
  • Total weight: 1 lb 15 oz (Medium); 2 lb 9 oz (Large)
  • Fill weight: 1 lb 1 oz (Medium)
  • Shoulder / foot girth: 60 / 52 inches (Medium); 74 / 66 inches (Large)
  • Shell material: ripstop nylon
  • Stuff size: 11 x 7 inches (Medium); 12 x 7 inches (Large)


The ultimate wearable sleeping bag. Elastic hood control on the back of this unique hood ensures a snug fit, follows head movements and keeps your you nice and warm, all without hindering vision. Draft tube collar is comfortably soft, fully adjustable and prevents heat loss. As featured in 71 degrees north





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