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Eat Me Crunchy Breakfast Bowl

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Product Description

Say goodbye to soggy cereal. The Eat Me Crunchy Breakfast Bowl as you might have guessed allows you to keep your flakes from the milk, adding them to the milk as required so you can get the wet yet milky crunchy type texture, not the soggy or bone dry cereal thing.

Just add the cereal and milk to your bowl as you usually would. As you're eating just brush a few more bits of cereal into the designated milk area (the dma). You can then go to your pwydyj (place where you do your job).


Product Details:

  • Size (Length, Width, Depth) or Volume:
    L17, W15, D6 cms (L6.75, W6, D2.25 inches) approx.
  • Weight:
  • Materials:
  • Extra Information:
    Perfect solution to soggy cereal.
    Dishwasher Safe.

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