Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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Product Overview

The Electric Corkscrew opens your favourite bottle of plonk in an instant, meaning you won’t have to waste any valuable drinking time.

There is nothing worse at a party or soiree than trying to open that fiddly bottle of wine, especially when you have had a few glasses to begin with. You can’t get the corkscrew into the cork, it doesn’t go all the way in, and then it takes the world strongest man to pull it out again.

Well with the electric corkscrew all your problems are solved. Just position it over the bottle, press a button and it will do the rest. The whole process takes less than ten seconds, there is never any danger of your wine becoming corked, and all you have to do is drink the stuff.

As well as being easy to use the electric corkscrew is also a great looking piece of equipment and will fit in with the plushest of kitchens.

It is ideal for all wine lovers, bars, cafes, people who throw lots of parties, and students. It is also the perfect accompaniment to Thumbs Up’s brilliant range of wine accessories including the Wine Bottle Kit, Magic Wine Holder, and the Wine Lock. 

  • Opens a bottle of wine in less than ten seconds
  • Smart sleek design
  • Powered by 4xAA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to use



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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