Aerolatte (with stand)

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If you’re a bit bored of your freeze dried coffee every morning then you can change your brand or you can buy an Aerolatte. But before standing in the supermarket for half an hour scratching your head trying to sift through the hundreds of varieties we recommend trying an Aerolatte. It will take you an extra twenty seconds to make a coffee, but that's a small sacrifice for the extra taste.

The Aerolatte allows you to froth your milk in a way that completely transforms your coffee and turns it into a totally different drink, creamy and frothy yet intensifies the great flavour of the coffee.

It works like no other milk frother and aerates the milk in such a way that a nice frothy creamy milk is developed from less than 20 seconds of use.

Simply get a mug, fill a third full of milk, heat slightly in the microwave and submerge the end of the Aerolatte in the bottom of the milk. We found the best way to use this is to gently heat milk in a taller mug/container in the microwave use the Aerolatte and make coffee in the normal way but only filling the mug 2/3 full and then pouring the nice frothy milk into your mugs. Full instructions are however supplied.

Takes 2 AA batteries - supplied

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