Animal Coo Clocks

Coo Clocks: MooCoo
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Coo Clocks, they're like cuckoo clocks but with animals that pop out every hour on the hour, until it's time to go to sleep that is.

Each clock features a different animal and colour. Choose from the Pig, Cow, Chicken, Orangutan, Tarzan or Sheep, Donkey, Cat, Horse or Elephant.

Clocks Available: (pictured below)

  • QuackCoo Clock - Duck  
  • MooCoo Clock - Cow
  • CluckCoo Clock - Chicken
  • OranguCoo Clock - Monkey
  • HawCoo Clock - Donkey
  • OinkCoo Clock - Pig
  • EweCoo Clock- Sheep
  • BarkCoo Clock - Dog
  • MeowCoo Clock - Cat
  • EleCoo Clock -   Elephant
  • WhinnyCoo Clock - Horse

They might have been voted "Gift of the Year in 2004" over 15 years ago but the Coo Clocks are still as great as they ever were, these animal clocks are really something special.


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