Apres Ski Poles

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It's almost mandatory these days to take a hip flask out with you whilst Skiing. Well now there is no need to take that extra bottle or fumble around with your gloves on trying to get in your pockets. The Apres Ski Poles have a little flask built into each pole. Just take the top off and in each pole you will find 200 ml of your chosen refreshment.

The ultimate skiing accessory, the Apres Ski Poles are a must for every trip to the slopes, you never go without your Ski Poles, so you'll never be without your tipple.

A drink holder that's built into the equipment yo use just means less things to take with you and more convenience. You even get a little funnel to help you fill each pole with your drink.


The Apres Ski Poles are made Komperdell - so are serious good quality Ski Poles you can take on the slopes and to hold your tipple.

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