Bacon Air Freshener

Sale price$5.00 USD


There's nothing like the smell of bacon cooking in the morning. It's the kind of smell that'll have your vegetarian sister eating meat again in no time.

You can now have the instantly recognisable smell of bacon cooking every morning without the hassle of a greasy grill pan. Ok so this Bacon Air Freshener might not fill your stomach, but there's no denying it's in the book of good smells.

Hang it in your car or anywhere else you need that whif of fresh cooked bacon.

An unusual air freshener that will surely provoke some strange looks from any passengers in your car. A real mans air freshener. 

Ideal for sweaty over-sized sales reps. Blame it on the bacon.

Bacon Air Freshener comes with elastic so you can hang it your car - or someone else's!

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