Battery Heated Socks

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It's important to look after the things that you spend all day standing on, so give them a treat and keep them warm with these Battery Heated Socks.

The Heated Socks have heating elements in the toe area of the sock which provides a very gentle warmth and are not hot. Instructions on how to care for your heated socks are provided with every pair. They are very safe and low amperage electronics eliminates all possibility of any shock or burn, even when wet.


The heat is concentrated to the toe area of the sock producing a mild warmth preventing toes from becoming cold. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not supplied). Made of 30% wool and 70% acrylic.

Hand-washable. To use, insert the batteries into the slim battery pack and switch to ON. The battery pack fits in the battery pouch which can be button closed.

CARE and WASHING for your Heated Socks: DO NOT pull or tug hard on the sock from the cuff area when putting on, as this may dislodge the wiring. HAND WASH in warm water with mild detergent. USE a gentle squeezing action to wash and rinse. DO NOT machine dry, hang dry or towel dry, lay flat if possible. DO NOT wring the socks, as you can damage the wiring.


Which size?

Available in 2 Sizes: Small (36-39) and Large (43-47)

If it's not heated socks you want then why not try our heated gloves.

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