Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

Sale price$12.00 USD


The last thing you might expect to see in your drink is a brain. Our perverse sense of humour seems to make eating witchetty grubs, putting iced brains in your drink....and well, lots of other wierd stuff fun. So raise a glass, an especially cold iced brainy sort of glass to this Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray.

Create your own science experiment (or cocktail) and keep the faces smiling when the cocktail is mediocre but the guests are too polite to say. 

The silicone ice tray makes four frosty brains and is moulded from super-strong, dishwasher safe pure silicone and comes packaged in a colourful gift box.


Product Features:
• Ice tray makes four brain shaped cubes
• Pink silicone ice tray
• Dishwasher safe
• Ideal for cocktails, spirits and soft drinks
• Gift boxed

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