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At first glance a Cardboard Tent is not far from that 'as good as a Chocolate Teapot' saying. However this Cardboard Tent is the best thing since sliced wood. It is made of recycled paper/cardboard, it can be recycled and can replace those thousands of throwaway tents left at festivals every year. Ok, it would not be prudent taking one on a month long expedition up the Himalayas, but it can withstand a weekend of British weather and revelling

As well as being fully recyclable it's very easy to erect, it blocks out more noise than a standard tent and will stay dark and cooler in the summer sun. It's an all around better and obvious choice if you're going to a festival or setting up indoors or where ground pegs are not an option. You can even paint, decorate or write your name in big letters on the outside so you can identify it amongst thousands of other tents.

Be unique, kinder to the environment with the amazing new Cardboard Tent!


The cardboard blocks the sunlight, which keeps your tent dark and cool in the morning!

The Cardboard Tent has enough space to accomodate two people, including your festival gear!

The Cardboard Tent is easy to recycle!

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