Cheeky Nude Duvet Covers

Sale price$35.00 USD


Available Sizes: Double, King size, Single Man, Single Woman

A recent survey showed that (contrary to popular opinion) women don't actually like racing car duvet covers anymore. Men, on the other hand, aren't too impressed with flowery ones. The new Cheeky Nude Duvet Covers were designed to keep both sides happy.

Printed with a couple of naked bodies (with the naughty bits discretely covered of course), these duvet covers will certainly liven up your bedroom. The covers are printed on both sides, one side showing the front and the other showing a couple of backsides.

The cheeky duvet sets are available in double, king size, single man or single woman. They are machine washable and made from a blend of quality cotton and hard wearing polyester.

Singel Duvets Covers £23.99, Double £33.99 and the King Size £34.99


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