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A pint glass is the size and shape it is, it might never change. Why it was that shape in the first place nobody knows but it seems to work well. The Das Horn now offers an alternative and more medieval way of drinking your pint.

Das Horn even comes with a neck strap so yo can carry your beer around.

The Vikings were quite pioneering, so drinking from a horn must be good way of quenching your thirst. In fact Das Horn holds more than a pint - 709ml to be precise.

You can probably guarantee that you'll be the only one with one of these at the party!

Made from BPA-free plastic with a stainless steel rim, this legendary drinking vessel holds up to 24 oz. (709ml) of your favourite cold beverage.


  • Includes neck strap (for hands free carrying)
  • Includes display stand
  • 13" long, 3 3/14 diameter 
  • 24 oz (709ml) capacity
  • Stainless steel rim is engraved with "Das Horn"
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Dishwasher safe

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