Digital Thermometer Pan

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Cooking is a science, and science applies what we've learnt and hopefully applying the same principal again and again with the same result. The Digital Thermometer Pan allows you to recreate those culinary moments when things work and hopefully prevent the kitchen nightmares. We cook food in the oven to a specific temperature so why not on the hob? Now the guess work has been taken out of cooking, you can now control the temperature in your pan.

The Digital Thermometer Pan has an LCD display in the handle which tells you what temperature you're cooking at and when you pan has reached the right temperature. Knowing what cooks at what temperature allows you to reproduce the same results everytime. Cook the perfect steak or avoid burning the sauce like you did the last time.


  • 24cm diameter Dupont-nonstick skillet
  • Thermometer in the pan with LCD readout in the handle
  • Shows temperature in degrees Fahrenheit and Celcius
  • LCD readout removable for easy cleaning
  • Thick-gauge stainless steel exterior for even heat
  • Dishwasher safe (please remove the thermometer from the handle first)
  • Works on direct heat (gas, electric, halogen) and induction cooktops

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