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Following the succes of 'I am not a paper cup'  you can now get the Eco Cup. It's pretty much the same thing but the Eco Cup is a single-walled (non-thermal) porcelain cup with silicone lid and sleeve.

Stop using disposable cups for your coffee! Great for the whole office, our Eco-Cup is a porcelain cup with silicone lid and heat-protective sleeve.

The silcone lid can withstand temperatures of up to 230 degrees celsius (446 F) and helps keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold.

The porcelain Eco Cup holds approximately 450ml of your favourite beverage and the silicone sleeve will ensure your fingers don't get burnt whilst enjoying your drink.

Eco Cup Specifications
Size: 450ml capacity
Colour: white porcelain cup with white or brown sleeve (sleeve colour is random)
Care: microwave and dishwasher safe

You can also purchase I am not a paper cup from this page.

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