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We all fart, trump, parp and fump. Some more than other. Fartology is does as you might expect explore the world of what makes us make wind and why it does what it does.

Made fun and fascinating Stefan Gates gives us an insight into the world of something we all do, but rarely talk about. Stefan looks at the journey from food to fart; the weird science behind intestinal gas; the sounds, smells and all things in between. With farty recipes, musings on the greatest farters in history, farts in literature, and fart euphemisms, Fartology offers mind-blowing, trouser-exploding fun for all the family.

Stefan Gates is an enthusiastic fartophile, food/science writer and TV presenter of 17 BBC series including Gastrolab, Food Factory and Gastronuts (including the unforgettable episode `What would happen if we didn't fart?').

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