Frozzypack Lunchbox

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Why this has not been done before we'll never know. But combining an ice pack and a lunchbox seemed to an obvious thing to do. Keep your lunch cool and fresh until it's needed. Your salad, fruit or sandwiches will now be fresher than ever and a joy to eat



Just stick the lid of your Frozzypack inside the freezer. You the remove it and stick it on bottom of the box before you go out the door.

The Frozzypack will keep your lunch cool for 7 hours at room temperature.

The Frozzypack can be used for picnics, taking your lunch to work or virtually any other activity where food needs to be kept cool and kept fresh.

Capacity: 0.9 litres
Length: 19,8 cm, width 13,2 cm, height 8 cm

Weight 425 g

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