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It's one of the worst feelings when you drop something, your heart sinks and you wonder if it's going to break or in this case sink. Well with handy flots you can always keep your gadgets, keys and money afloat.

Choose from the Floating Keychain, the Camera Float and the Marsupial Wallet. They are all made with high density foam which will hopefully keep your essential items from sinking.




Remember! Always test all the above in shallow water (kitchen sink) before use. We cannot be held responsible for loss as the weight of items can and will differ.


Marsupial Wallet: Floats up to 2.6 oz (75g) - about 5 keys. Please test floatation in shallow water before heading out.


  • Over-the-wrist comfort, foam and stretch TPU (not latex) construction
  • In visible, bright red with black split ring
  • Extra security for those keys you don't want to loose
  • Floats 2 keys, 1 oz (28g)

Camera Float: 

The high-density foam floater easily attaches to most waterproof cameras and accessories, and the bright yellow strap makes it easy to spot your fallen goods.

Floats 200 grams / 7 oz.


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