Giant Inflatable Flamingo

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If you're looking to throw the best party that's ever been thrown then you need to make it different, and you can pretty much guarantee than no party you have ever been to party that had a Giant Inflatable Flamingo.

It's not just a giant, it really is gigantic, so it's going to be seen and certainly going to be a talking point or a brilliant prop for guests to have their photos or selfies taken with.

Coming in at nearly 11ft tall you might have to check the height of your kitchen ceiling before installing a Giant Inflatable Flamingo.

After you've the party of the century you can always use the flamingo as a decoy to attract passing flamingos....maybe.

If you do decide that this flamingo is too big for the house (which is likely) then you can fill the base with water to give it a bit of stability.


Approx inflated dimensions: 11.8 x 7 x 10.6 feet

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