I Void Warranties T-Shirt

Size: Small
Sale price$13.00 USD


We all know someone that takes things to bits. Some take it to bits and put it back together to find bits left over, others just take them apart and leave them in bits. Whichever kind of person you know you can be sure of one thing, the warranty is now void.

An ideal T-Shirt for the person that thinks they can fix stuff.

This T-Shirt is silk screen printed using fine grade screens and plastisol ink which contains no air-polluting solvents or volatile organic compounds.

Unlike almost everyone else on the internet we do NOT use inferior "heat transfers" which tend to have a short life expectancy and crack up.

Comes with 12 months warranty


  inches cm
S 36" 91cm
M 38" 96cm
L 40" 102cm
XL 42" / 44" 107cm

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