Log and Squirrel Plant Pot

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What is a? Log and Squirrel Plant Pot

The Log and Squirrel Plant Pot has a squirrels head in the front that mov es up and down depending on how much water is in the pot.


Now you can rely on the squirrel within your plant pot to tell you if your plant needs watering. He (could be a she, who knows) will rise up and down according to how much water is in the pot. So if you can't see the squirrel your plant probably needs watering.

If you can trust a Squirrel to tell you when your plant needs watering then this is a good option, and trust us this is a very honest Squirrel, just look at his cute face.


A plant pot with a built in watering monitoring squirrel, how cute.

 - Holds approx 250ml water. 500ml pot size and 15 cms in height,

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