Lumo Projection Alarm Clock

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The Lumo Projector Alarm Clock from Lexon is everything anyone could want in an alarm clock. Its sleek and simple design allows the sleepiest of sleepers to find the time easily. Just press a button and the time is projected straight onto the wall. The digital display dims automatically at night time so you should not be kept awake.

The unique design of the Lumo Projection Alarm Clock allows you to rotate the projector arm and move it to display the time on the desired wall. Ideal if you just want the time displayed in big letters or as a groovy light display. Just press the projector button and will stay on until switched off.

Made from tactile ABS rubber rubber this well constructed projector alarm clock is designer enough for any room.




  • LED Projector alarm clock
  • Time projection on to wall
  • Automatic Dimmer
  • 180 degrees rotation on the projector
  • Powered by DC adapter (UK/Euro/US interchangeable plug included)
  • backup battery supply 2 x AAA (included)
  • Size 17 x 8.5 x 6 cm

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