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Light your porch up like a runway. Magic Doormats are mats with lights in. They are motion activated so will show you or your visitors the way to the door an hopefully stop your guests tripping over the doorstep.

With built-in motion technology the Magic Doormat will only light up when anyone approaches your door. Alternatively you can change the settings so the lights are left on.

Only Flower design left in stock!

  • LED mat lights provide security, safety and a warm welcome for guests
  • Crush proof LED’s even high heels are no match for these bulbs
  • The battery operated motion sensor box allows you to choose between a constant light mode and motion sensor mode
  • 120 degree motion sensor
  • Unique designs for all seasons using fade resistant inks
  • Fibers clean shoes & boots to help keep floors clean
  • Extremely durable, designed for entryways and high traffic areas
  • Green product (natural coir fibers)
  • 100 % waterproof, non-slip latex backing 
  • Mat Size 18" x 30"
  • Use 3 AA Batteries (not included) 



What is the extra cord for?
The extra cord is an extension that will allow you to position the motion sensor box away from your door.
My Magic Doormat will not light.
1. Magic Mats use three AA batteries. Check and make sure batteries are loaded correctly.
2. Make sure you have pushed on the power button: “P” for constant light, “M” for motion activated.
3. Make sure the mat is properly connected to the motion control box.
How long will my batteries last?
That will vary based on how many times it is activated. Constant light will shorten battery life.
Does walking on the mat damage the lights?
No, the lights are recessed and protected by the mat.
When I first turned on my motion sensor, the light stays on constantly how do I get it on motion? Yes, when first activated the motion unit runs through a process that takes a little longer. After the initial “warm up” the light activates more quickly. Make sure you press the “M” Motion button after the “P” power button.
Can I wash my Magic Doormat if it gets dirty?
Mats can be hosed off if needed. Disconnect and remove battery control box. Spray the mat gently with a garden hose, washing off dirt. Shake and let dry before reconnecting the motion control box.
Is it Ok to leave my Magic Doormat outside in the weather?
The motion unit is weather resistant but it is advisable to protect it from harsh elements. The mat will be fine in the weather but strong, direct sunlight may fade the printing.
Is this a natural product?
Yes. Coconut growers of coastal India use a centuries old technique that uses every part of the coconut. The husks are seasoned in large lagoons, and then the fibers are extracted by beating the husks with wooden mallets. The fibers are then woven into mats in the small coastal villages of Kerala.

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