Monty Python Figures

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For any Monty Python fans these mini figures are a must. The Holy Grail was a journey involving many hilarious and ridiculous characters, and here are four of perhaps the most memorable.

Highly detailed and each with moving parts or bobbling heads. You can buy them individually or get the set of four. Stick them to the top of your monitor or on the dashboard of your car where they can bobble away of their own accord.


  • God, with moving jaw.
  • The Knight Of Ni, with moving head, sends you out to find him a shrubbery.
  • The Black Knight, with moving helmet, is convinced it is but a scratch.
  • The first knight to attack the rabbit, has a swaying stalk of blood where his head used to be (comes with mean looking rabbit).
  • Each highly detailed plastic figure stands about 4-5" tall.
  • You can also buy the set of four for £34.49

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