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If your attention tends to wane for even a second, why not master a musical instrument whist sat at your desk? One that doesn't involve heavy breathing or co-ordination or timing of any kind, or even for you to stand up. One that will impress others and maybe bring your office together in an impromptu, team building sing-a-long - One that you can also use to underline your ever growing To Do list.


Plastic ruler with printed finger markings and note positions. Sliding the ruler up towards the edge of the desk alters the note, enabling you to play anything from Abba to ZZ top.

Also, we've tried it, and you just cannot draw a straight line with a tuba. In fact this may be the only product in the world that you can draw straight lines with in your diary and then use to play House of the Rising Sun on the edge of your desk. Pack contains 1 musical ruler and one guide to ruler playing.



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