Ring for Service Bell

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The ideal gift for anyone that's a bit poorly and in need of attention. Admittedly this might be rather annoying for the person on the receiving end, but if you wanted to gain someone's attention you have to agree there's no better and simpler way than with a quick 'ding' on the bell.  

This nickel-plated bell is the perfect gift for a new bride or groom that wants to gain an instant edge in their relationship or anyone that's decided to take the day off due to illness. Just make sure you've got someone who can hear it. 

The base of the bell is 3-1/2" (8.9 cm) in diameter and just like the bell on the counter of a hotel, you push down with your palm to make it ring. Why strain your voice with yelling or nagging when you can ring the bell as a signal to bring food or as a reminder that work needs to be done? Not recommended by marriage counselors.

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