Scribble Alarm Clock

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Its only when you go to bed and your head hits the pillow you remember the thing you meant to do, or the thing you have to do the next day. Well the Scribble Alarm Clock is here to help. Just set it as you would a normal alarm clock and when it goes off your message will be illuminated. Hopefully a  good alternative to writing things on your hand.

A glowing reminder of what you should not have forgotten.

Its also not just your average alarm clock, it has a rather cool dot matrix display and also has a temperature, year and birthday reminder function.

The Scribble Alarm Clock comes with a Scribble Pen and has a choice of 4 alarm melodies to choose from!


- Backlit pixel display

- 3 alarms with snooze function

- Temperature

- Scrolling display

- Calendar

- Countdown timer

- Birthday reminder

- Pen included

- 3 x AAA batteries not included

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