Snap Touchscreen Clock by Oregon Scientific

Sale price$26.00 USD


If you're looking for an accurate easy to use alarm clock with indoor and outdoor sensors this is it. Oregon Scientific have also made this a touchscreen clock for ease of use.

Just swipe the screen of the alarm clock to toggle between inside temperature, outside temperature and the time.

It also has a frost alert just so you know that you might be scraping the ice off your car.

  • Touch Screen to toggle between indoor and outdoor sensor channels (up to 3 sensors)
  • Display indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Daily maximum / minimum record of indoor temperature
  • Ice alert function, Indicator blinks when outdoor temperature approaches freezing
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Strong Backlight for easy view in the dark
  • Low battery indicator
  • Batteries included 2 x AAA

Remote thermal sensor (SL109) x 2

  • Splash-proof wireless sensor
  • Batteries included 2 x AAA


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