Sudoku Toilet Roll

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Sudoku took the world by storm, everyone was doing it, on the train, in the pub, park benches and now on the toilet. So if you're sudoku mad or know someone that is then get yourself some of this intellectual bog roll. You'll become so absorbed by the mental bog challenge you might even forget what you went there to do.

Each Sudoku puzzle is the standard size of 3x3 boxes each containing numbers 1-9. Some puzzles are more diffucult than others so if you get stuck you can always decide to relieve yourself and your aggrevation and choose to wipe instead.

If you don't fancy wiping with sukoku each time you visit the toilet then why not just leave it by the toilet for something to do or just to make your guests chuckle.

Package contains:

1 Box
1 Sudoku toilet roll
No pen, get your own

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