Talented Tina Tuna

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If you want a novelty bottle opener then you don't get much better than Talented Tina Tuna. Tina just loves to open bottles, so much so that each time you do open a bottle she will burst into song and do a little dance.

Having such a talented tuna stuck to your fridge might just make you open more bottles, but you can guarantee that she will surely entertain you whilst you drink your newly opened beverage.

Just stick the very Talented Tina Tuna to your fridge. Don't worry she has a strong magnet on the back so will stick to your fridge and hold fast.

Tina is probably the most talented fish in the sea and guaranteed to be the most entertaining fish on your fridge door.

Please note when we say:

- Tuna, she looks like some sort of fish

- Dance, as well as most fish can dance

- Sing, Tina does sing 'Shout' by Lulu, reasonably well.......

- Bottle, make it a beer




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