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The Chork is halfway between chopsticks and a fork. It has 3 uses, either as chopsticks, or a fork or as an easy pair of chopsticks for beginners.

The Chork is a great compromise for those that want guests to eat with chopsticks but also want to give them the choice.

  • 1- FORK
    The Chork can be used as a standard fork for those that desire the precision and effectiveness the fork provides. Just grab the two sticks and hold it like a fork!

    For those who want to venture out of their comfort zone and try something new. Use the sticks while adjoined together to practice with the trainer function of the chork. You will be a pro before you know it!

    You have reached expert level status! Simply pinch the Chork near the base of the fork head until the sticks snap apart. Enjoy!


The Chork comes in packs of 10 - individually packed.


  • Food Grade Hi Impact Polystyrene
  • Standard - Black, or Red
  • Chopsticks, Fork, or Beginner Chopstick in One Utensil
  • Cheap, Easy, Versatile
  • Great For Kids or Adults!

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