The Tomato Sauce Gun - Shoot your condiments

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A burger without sauce is rare thing, a hotdog without mustard is almost against the law in some American states. That's why we now have the best way to dispense your condiments on your favourite junk food. Squeezy bottles are out, the new way to apply that sauce to your burgers is here. Just pull the trigger and line your hotdog with tomato sauce or mustard.

Ideal fun for BBQ's and entertaining, just shoot your guests or let them take to the trigger and fire thier own sauce.

Greasy spoons, BBQs and Saturday night TV dinners beware - nosh-time is about to get a whole lot more fun! Simply fill one of the two squeezy cartridges with your favourite sauce, load it into the barrel of the gun and snap the chamber shut.

How to use your Condiment Gun:



The Tomato sauce Gun comes with 2 re-fillable cartridges, just fill them up and fire away. Shooting has never been so tasty.

Not for relishes with lumps in! Use smooth sauces so you'll be ok if you like brown sauce, you don't have to use just tomato or mustard.


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