Thinsulate Heated Gloves and Mitts

Sale price$12.00 USD


The heated gloves have built in heating elements which become warm within about 3 minutes of connecting the batteries. Each glove is powered by 1 D battery which fit snugly on the back of your wrist. For added warmth, the gloves have a thermal lining and water resistant outer. Ideal for skiing or just cold days.

The gloves have adjustable cuffs to keep the warmth in and have 3M 40 gram Thinsulate™ insulation. You also have a choice of two heat settings, high and low, 6 hours on high and up to 8 hours on low.

The fingers and palms also have a rubber surface allowing you to grip objects easier.

The gloves come in two sizes, mens (medium/large) and womens (small/medium).

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