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You go travelling, take some pictures and then a few years later try and remember where when and how. You might have the pictures but remembering the actual details is virtually impossible, espcecially when you pack so much into a short space of time.

The Travelogue is here to help your record your adventures, so you will now be able to remember and tell others of your travels whilst reminiscing. Use the Travelogue exactly as the name suggests, a travel log.

In the Travelogue you get 8 maps whereby yo can scratch off the party of the journey or country that you visited. You also get 64 pages of notepad, so you can write details of your adventures or get other people you meet along the way to add their own comments.

Scratch the map of your journey


  • Material: Laminate, card, coloured foil, paper
  • Recycled cardboard binder
  • Regional scratch maps
  • Check list and travel tips included
  • 64 page notebook
  • Protective card envelope

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