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The way most alarm clocks awake you in the morning is rudely unceremonious. Yes we have to get out of bed but you hardly need to start the day with a loud shrill scaring the living bejesus out of you. The Voco Alarm Clock awakes you in the same way you might expect royalty to be awoken by the butler. Stephen Fry has kindly provided the voice of the butler, so when the alarm sounds the only thing you will hear is the polite and humorous tones of a well spoken and renowned butler.

Two versions are available The 'original' with about fifty differing wake up messages of 'Good Morning Sir', and the 'deluxe version' that has about 150 differing awakenings with either 'Good Morning Sir' or 'Good Morning Madam'. Just choose from the options on the right.

The Voco Alarm Clock is a classical design and fits in anywhere. Constructed with substantial wood housing, hand finished and glass front to protect hands.


Original Voco Clock:     £19.99

  • Plastic housing with lens cover.
  • 50 wake up messages.
  • 12 thank you messages.
  • Button light for night viewing.

Deluxe Voco Clock:      £38.99

  • Wooden housing with black finish and lens cover.
  • 150 wake up messages
  • 20 thank you messages  
  • Button light for night viewing.
  • Requires 3x AA batteries (not included)

Original approx - 11cm  x 8.5cm x 11cm 
Deluxe approx- 13cm x 10cm x 13.5cm 

All clocks are hand assembled and are numbered and produced in limited edition

  • Some sample message from the Good Morning Madam Voco:

“Good morning, Madam. Let me draw the curtains and pour your tea. There are two little croissants from your special supplier which have no calories whatsoever. In the pots is a special sort of jam that consumes more calories than it roduces. Eating it actually makes you thin.”

“Good morning, Madam. The prime minister has telephoned twice this morning but I told him you were not to be disturbed. He needs your advice, he says. May I say, he really needs your advice. Forgive the personal note, if I may be so bold.”

“Good morning, Madam. The current issue of Vogue has devoted its editorial to your sense of style, purpose, beauty and personal grandeur. It may be advisable to use the rear entrance today, Madam, to avoid the crowds.”

  • Some sample messages from the Good Morning Sir Voco:

“I'm so sorry to disturb you sir, but it appears to be morning. Very inconvenient, I agree, sir. I believe it is The rotation of the earth which is to blame, sir.”

“I'm delighted you have survived another night. May I add my own congratulations to the roar of the world's approval? Thank you, sir.”

“I'm afraid the staff has absconded, sir. And it is my day off. I trust it will not be too onerous to make your own exquisitely sliced toast and perfectly cooked breakfast?”

“Come come, sir. Let us not be defeated. Let seize the day, and take it roughly from behind. As the Colonel used to say, in his unfortunate manner.”

The Original Voco Alarm Clock (Good Morning Sir):
The Deluxe Voco Alarm clock (Sir and Madam):

All wake up messages are by Stephen Fry in the style of your own personal Jeeves.

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