Warm Up Heated Insoles

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Suffer from cold feet? Hate putting cold shoes on in the morning? Then why not try some Heated Warm Up Soles providing instant heat up to 55C

By clicking the activation ring the soles stay warm for approx 30 minutes allowing you to get those tooties nice and toastie and hopefully the start they need.

The Warm Up Heated Soles are reusable up to 100 times by boiling them in water. Ideal for sticking them in your wellies when you're doing that bit of emergency gardening or anything else that requires a some warm feet.

Perfect to use when walking in cold conditions, skiing, gardening, camping, fishing, hiking and winter sports.

Size: Small (UK 1-3), Medium (UK 3-6), Large (UK 6.5-9) and Extra Large (UK 9.5-11.5)

Warm Up Soles

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