All UK companies are now obligated to adhere to certain environmental policies, and you can find statements as such on most company websites. We could write a similar pledge to 'be kind to the environment', 'recycle all waste' and encourage staff to car share. Of course we agree with all of these things, and when realistic, we try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

However, here at UGC we feel it is more important to be open and honest. Every distribution business will use a lot of packaging. A lot! Some products are imported and come a long way across oceans on ships and planes. Some are UK produced and arrive in a van. However they get here, they have to arrive in one piece, or the journey will have been a waste of time and the fuel and packaging become a by-product of something completely useless. Now we can't think of anything much less 'environmentally friendly' than that.

So packing is a necessary evil, to keep supplier, customer and item happy. But all too often this is taken to ridiculous levels. Receiving a Testicle Tea Bag in bubble wrap, placed in an envelope, in a box with insulation, extra padding, cotton wool, polystyrene balls, more bubble wrap, cardboard and then taped to within in inch of it's life, would be a bit wasteful we think you will agree.

Anyway, to get to the point, here at UGC we ensure that all of your orders are packaged adequately. That means that sometimes they will be in recycled packaging, sometimes they will be bubble wrapped with (god forbid!) wrap that has been used before! We won't always tape things up so that it takes you half an hour to get into them. Sometimes the box your item arrives in might say 'from Japan' on the side, when in fact it is from Deeside. Sometimes it might say '500 x Testicle Tea Bags' on the side of the box that contains your Squirrel Nutcracker. If this concerns you then you are possibly shopping at the wrong place. You need to go to John Lewis to source your Christmas presents in future.

But we hope that if you have the sense to shop with us, you also have the sense to know that our environment is important, and packaging is not. Your items will arrive safely and soundly, and if they don't we will of course take appropriate action. And to be even more transparent and honest, this saves us money which we hope we can pass onto our customers by providing competitive prices across our weird and wonderful gift range.

If you wish to discuss how your item has been packaged, or make any suggestions, please do feel free to email us. Do not waste precious oxygen by calling us, or waste paper by writing. A simple environmentally friendly email will suffice.

We thank you.