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Fishing for Floaters

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Product Description

Poo jokes do seem to be a favourite amongst children, and if we admit probably most adults. We might sell a few poo related items, Poo Lolly, The Floater Bath Plug, but the Fishing For Floaters is by far the most fun. Everyone will want bathtime when they know they can Fish For Floaters.

With this game, similar to the fairground one (that doesn't involve poo) you get a fishing rod and reel with which you can compete to get the five floaters in as quick a time as possible.

Bathtime will never be the same.

Just remember, if they've not got a hook get out of the bath.

In the boxed game you will get 5 x floaters (plastic poo shapes) and a fishng rod and reel. An ususual gift for a fun bathtime game.

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