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  • COVID-19 Plush

    It has been a strange old year, and it looks set to continue, but hopefully not for long. Here we ha…

  • Push Stick

    Made from discarded fishing nets the Push Stick is here, allowing you to touch less surfaces, the so…

  • Fuel Candle

    Probably the best gift you can buy for someone that is a complete petrol head. If you know someone t…

  • Beer Yoga

    Finally exercise you can do whilst drinking beer at the same time... You could almost now say that b…

  • Fish Chocolate

    Ok so it might sound a bit weird, and at first bite you might be slightly wary and not sure what to …

  • Ring Light
    £14.99 - £21.99

    Ever wondered how they always look good in films? Partly make-up, but it's also about getting the li…

  • Yoga Deck

    If you're too self-conscious to go to Yoga Classes or your flatulence is particularly bad then no pr…

  • Sale
    reindeer crisps
    Now: £5.99
    Was: £6.99

    Ok so they're not actually crisps.... they are jerky, Reindeer Jerky, made and shaped to look like c…

  • Sale
    Minecraft Alarm Clock
    Now: £18.99
    Was: £21.99

    If you're reading this you probably know what Minecraft is. We don't know, but we like the look of i…

  • Guess Who Coasters

    The old ones are always the best, and that's certainly the case with these Guess Who Coasters. The a…

  • Yoga Joes

    Yoga Joes are here to keep the inner peace. They're the classic green army men, practicing Yoga inst…

  • Fiddle Fone

    You do something enough and your brain becomes accustomed to it. That's why you might think you need…

  • Sale
    Drinking Bird
    Now: £6.99
    Was: £7.99

    Don't drink on your own, always drink with someone else. This Drinking Bird will happily oblige and …

  • Sale
    Twin Stethoscope
    Now: £6.99
    Was: £8.99

    Double dual head design makes it possible for two people to use it at the same time! It is great for…

  • Sale
    Indoor Picnic Blanket
    Now: £19.99
    Was: £23.99

    An Indoor Picnic Blanket... Normally only something you might consider if it's raining. But these da…

  • Giant Stress Brain

    It sort of makes sense, if you're stressed then it's your brain that's feeling the stress, so why no…

  • Sale
    Poo Mug
    Now: £4.99
    Was: £5.99

    Poo is invariably unpleasant, there's no nice poos in this world. That is until they put a face on a…

  • 3D Poker Cards

    Cheating is bad, very bad. But if you are going to cheat you might as well do it well, and win a bit…

  • Book Page Weight

    For all the those bookworms with weak thumbs, the Book Page Weight is here to assist. Just place thi…

  • Bacon Chocolate

    Like Bacon? Like Chocolate? Then why don't you combine the two and try this rather unusual tasting c…

  • Sale
    Planetaria Coasters
    Now: £14.99
    Was: £19.99

    These are a stunning set of 9 drinks Coasters, that come in a matching gift box. • Set Of Nine…

  • Fart Extinguisher

    Identify source of odour, spray vigorously at farter. It is a 'Garden Melody' fragrance whatever th…

  • Sale
    Planterbot DOIY
    Now: £12.99
    Was: £14.99

    Programmed to protect your plants! It's not actually programmed to do anything, apart from make you…

  • Matchstick Candles

    Light your Matchstick candles with Matchsticks, just don't get them confused. Come in a pack of 12.

  • Sale
    Fizz Creations Unicorn Candle
    Now: £5.99
    Was: £9.99

    Gorgeous Unicorn Candle that melts a rainbow. The wax slowly melts away revealing magical colours. …

  • PhoneSoap Pro

    Twice the bulbs, half the time. PhoneSoap Pro offers an enhanced sanitizing experience, killing 99.9…

  • Rubbers For Wine Lovers

    Better safe than sorry, never get caught without. You can now always play safe in the knowledge that…

  • Beer Notes

    Use these handy coasters to record your favourite beers, from hue of your brew to its flavour profil…

  • Sale
    Gollum Shaped Mug
    Now: £8.99
    Was: £9.99

    It is called the Gollum Shaped Mug. Strictly speaking it is just Gollums head. But drinking from Gol…

  • Taz Shaped Mug

    Taz might be ferocious and intent on eating just about everything he comes across. He is however sti…

  • HomeSoap

    Our new, larger unit is built to sanitize tablets and smaller home items. Based on popular demand we…

  • Signal Blocking Bag

    Need a digital detox? Or maybe just someones undivided attention. Well now just stick your phone or …

  • Cordless Filament Light

    Would it not be strange if you took the bulb out the lamp and it stayed lit? Well this bulb does jus…

  • Find Me Arrow

    If you're tired of your partner constantly asking if you've seen their keys then here is a helping h…

  • Goat Yoga

    If you like goats and you're partial to a bit of yoga this game is for you. If you look on Youtube y…

  • Office Container

    This ultra cool and very unusual storage solution for your office will be the conversation piece ove…

  • EZ Cutter Tape Dispenser

    It's rare these days that something is invented that's so simple it's quite amazing it's not been in…

  • WiFi Catcher

    Talking is becoming a thing of the past, so you don't want to waste time telling your friends your W…

  • Poo Curling

    Potty humour always seems to amuse even if some choose to hide their amusement. Combine this sort of…

  • Eggplant Sauce Bottle

    The Eggplant Sauce Bottle adds a fun and unusual element to every meal time. Better know as the Aube…

  • Dice-Flix

    Can't decide what to watch? Can't agree what to watch? Then maybe just leave it to chance. Get your …

  • Lion First Light

    Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to any room. He has playful manes fr…

  • Racing Floaters

    You could make your own, but that would be disgusting. Instead we propose getting these little wind …

  • Quality Time Phone Pouch

    We're all guilty of it at some point and some are far worse than others. Spending time with any numb…

  • Beer Candles

    Beer Candles don't smell like the morning after - or stale beer, they smell like the night before th…

  • Cardboard Tent

    At first glance a Cardboard Tent is not far from that 'as good as a Chocolate Teapot' saying. Howeve…

  • Thumb Sweatbands

    If you're serious about gaming then you have to have the kit to back it up. Your thumbs are the conn…

  • Jam Jar
    Sale: £39.99

    Your phone – it’s your contacts, your movies, your music, all contained within one singl…

  • Snoopy Night Lamp
    Sale: £59.99

    Snoopy has just become more adorable. This timeless character from Peanuts, Charles M.Shultz’s…

  • Weather Stick

    John Kettley was a weatherman, this stick is also a weatherman, but of the two the Weather Stick is …

  • Dry Brew Coffee

    Coffee is not coffee. Its a thing that we need, enjoy and insist on. It's a drug but not addictive. …

  • Blast Off Light

    If you're a fan of space travel, unusual lighting or just cool stuff you will love this brilliant Bl…

  • Agro Cado
    Sale: £9.99

    For 2+ players the game of Agro Cado sort of is as it sounds aggravating with Avocados . The game co…

  • Blade Rhino Knife Sharpener

    Blade is a Rhino, and Rhino that likes to sharpen knives. Just run the knife along Blades horn and y…

  • Goldfish Pet Bowl

    Probably for cats as they like fish, your dog might not be so amused at seeing a fish in its bowl. …

  • Rockstar Backpack
    Sale: £29.99

    You don't need an ounce of musical talent wear one of these backpacks. Although anyone wearing of th…

  • Glass of Moods
    Sale: £14.99

    The ideal wine glass for those with stressful jobs that like to sit back and de-stress at the end of…

  • Volcano Egg Cup

    We have plenty of Egg style gadgets (see Egg gadgets), some of them will help you time your egg so y…

  • Sale
    Xbox Logo Light
    Now: £16.99
    Was: £19.99

    The Xbox, iconic and probably the best known and best selling games station of all time. The Xbox Lo…

  • Plop Drop

    Yes it might a bit crude and maybe a tad juvenile, but it is great fun and very funny. It's simple,…

  • Elephant Straws

    Everything these days has to be reusable and the Elephant Straws are no exception. Just put Mr Eleph…

  • Hamm Piggy Bank
    Sale: £13.99

    If you're going to put yout money anywhere then why not keep it safe with Hammy. Hammy or as his fri…

  • Yoshi Egg Light
    Sale: £22.99

    We're not sure if Yoshi lays eggs but if he did they would look a bit like this. Whether they light …

  • Beer Mug

    A good old proper pint mug with what looks like a pint already in it. No matter from what angle or h…

  • PlayStation Watch

    The PlayStation Console has been miniaturized with a watch strap added. Ok some of the widgets and c…

  • Sale
    Trump Toilet Brush
    Now: £6.99
    Was: £8.99

    Get right down into the bowl and brush those democraps right off the enamel with this Trump Toilet B…

  • Skull Chair

    You can pretty much guarantee that this Skull Chair will be a unique talking piece in your house, th…

  • Sale
    Phonesoap 3
    Now: £82.99
    Was: £119.99

    You can't wash your phone, but you can sanitize it with PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap neutralizes the bacteri…

  • Veggie Pops

    Healthy Ice Pops for all the family. Veggie Pops are carrot shaped ice moulds. Just add your favouri…

100 of 911 Items