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Grizzly Bear Beanbag

MSRP: £169.99
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Product Description

It's probably not that convenient keeping a real grizzly bear at home, and it'll probably object when you sit on him or use him as a foot rest. The next best thing is this close to lifelike beanbag. The Grizzly Bear Beanbag is less grizzly, more sleepy.

The Grizzly Bear Beanbag is cleverly handmade with coloured yarns and is not printed, so you get a more lifelike effect and durability. You can even remove the cover for washing.

The inside of the Grizzly Bear Beanbag consists of compartments that are filled with beads and your own choice of materials. This way you can dictate how firm you want it depending on how you want to use it, as a chair, a footstool or to lean against.

Comes in two sizes:

Cub: 33cm(H) x 36cm(w) X 55cm(D)

Bear: 51cm(H) x 70cm(w) X 103cm(D)

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