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  • Ring Light
    £14.99 - £21.99

    Ever wondered how they always look good in films? Partly make-up, but it's also about getting the li…

  • Eyeball Soap

    Not something you need when wandering into the bathroom late at night and seeing an eyeball looking …

  • Sale
    Indoor Picnic Blanket
    Now: £19.99
    Was: £23.99

    An Indoor Picnic Blanket... Normally only something you might consider if it's raining. But these da…

  • Bacon Chocolate

    Like Bacon? Like Chocolate? Then why don't you combine the two and try this rather unusual tasting c…

  • Sale
    Planetaria Coasters
    Now: £14.99
    Was: £19.99

    These are a stunning set of 9 drinks Coasters, that come in a matching gift box. • Set Of Nine…

  • Sale
    Planterbot DOIY
    Now: £12.99
    Was: £14.99

    Programmed to protect your plants! It's not actually programmed to do anything, apart from make you…

  • PhoneSoap Pro

    Twice the bulbs, half the time. PhoneSoap Pro offers an enhanced sanitizing experience, killing 99.9…

  • Beer Soap

    The heady aroma of your favourite beer in a soap. For all beer lovers the perfect gift. You love bee…

  • PhoneSoap Go

    Now you can travel with peace of mind. Sanitize and charge your smartphone on the train, plane, or w…

  • Spider-Man Lamp

    Taken directly from the Spider-Man 3 movie, this 13-inch Spider-Man Lamp features the spectacular Sp…

  • HomeSoap

    Our new, larger unit is built to sanitize tablets and smaller home items. Based on popular demand we…

  • Cordless Filament Light

    Would it not be strange if you took the bulb out the lamp and it stayed lit? Well this bulb does jus…

  • Office Container

    This ultra cool and very unusual storage solution for your office will be the conversation piece ove…

  • WhinnyCoo Clock

    The WhinnyCoo clock  is a horse cuckcoo clock. This will be confirmed with a 'neigh' on the hou…

  • EZ Cutter Tape Dispenser

    It's rare these days that something is invented that's so simple it's quite amazing it's not been in…

  • WiFi Catcher

    Talking is becoming a thing of the past, so you don't want to waste time telling your friends your W…

  • Lion First Light

    Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to any room. He has playful manes fr…

  • Beer Candles

    Beer Candles don't smell like the morning after - or stale beer, they smell like the night before th…

  • Scuba Backpack

    Be the coolest kid in school with this rather ununual Scuba Backpack. With two air tanks on the out…

  • Pupsicle

    Give the dog an ice bone, an ice bone to help your pooch stay chilled in the warmer summer months. T…

  • Cardboard Tent

    At first glance a Cardboard Tent is not far from that 'as good as a Chocolate Teapot' saying. Howeve…

  • Jam Jar
    Sale: £39.99

    Your phone – it’s your contacts, your movies, your music, all contained within one singl…

  • Snoopy Night Lamp
    Sale: £59.99

    Snoopy has just become more adorable. This timeless character from Peanuts, Charles M.Shultz’s…

  • Blast Off Light

    If you're a fan of space travel, unusual lighting or just cool stuff you will love this brilliant Bl…

  • Sale
    Xbox Logo Light
    Now: £16.99
    Was: £19.99

    The Xbox, iconic and probably the best known and best selling games station of all time. The Xbox Lo…

  • Yoshi Egg Light
    Sale: £22.99

    We're not sure if Yoshi lays eggs but if he did they would look a bit like this. Whether they light …

  • Shoe Ponchos

    If you like your shoes then you need some shoes for you shoes. These Shoe Ponchos negate the need to…

  • Little Bo Peep Lamp

    We're not quite sure what she was doing at the time, but somehow Little Bo Beep managed to lose half…

  • Dreams LED Lamp

    The Dreams LED Light is a cloud shaped soft touch light that appeals to all ages. It can be used as …

  • Sale
    Trump Toilet Brush
    Now: £6.99
    Was: £8.99

    Get right down into the bowl and brush those democraps right off the enamel with this Trump Toilet B…

  • Skull Chair

    You can pretty much guarantee that this Skull Chair will be a unique talking piece in your house, th…

  • Eye Cloth

    Just what you need when you've got dirty eyeballs.... an Eye Cloth. Ok it's not really for wiping yo…

  • Sale
    Phonesoap 3
    Now: £82.99
    Was: £119.99

    You can't wash your phone, but you can sanitize it with PhoneSoap. PhoneSoap neutralizes the bacteri…

  • DIY Projector Light

    Now you can project a light onto a wall creating a particular light effect. However with this light …

  • Home Bar Drinks Dispenser

    Bring the pub home, you just need your own drinks. You can now serve your drinks just like they do i…

  • Toothbrush Timer

    If you're over a certain age you should probably know how good you are at brushing your teeth. If ho…

  • Cherry Toilet Brush

    A toilet brush is never going to be talking point or a centre piece, that is until now. This rather …

  • Sale
    Sprout Storage Jar
    Now: £13.99
    Was: £18.99

    A clever way to keep coffee or loose leaf or suger tea within reach, this jar is a container and a s…

  • Koinobori Laundry Bag

    Fun and functional the Koinobori Laundry Bag can be used at home or on your travels. It is particula…

  • Sale
    Cactus Doorstop
    Now: £13.99
    Was: £16.99

    Sticking a cacti in a pot and holding the door open with it is asking for trouble. This Cactus Doors…

  • Sword Fly Swatter

    Engarde! If the fly does not surrender then you can attack with this novelty fly swat. Shaped with a…

  • Cactrash

    It does just look like a Cactus in a pot. However grab the cactus from the top to expose the empty p…

  • Tie Fighter  Desk Lamp

    Probably the best lamp that's ever been made - if you're a Star Wars fan.... Fighting against the da…

  • Cesar Fox Light

    Cesar comes alive at night. Just switch him on for that typical orangey fox like glow. Cesar will be…

  • Sale
    Coffee Bin
    Now: £18.99
    Was: £19.99

    You can't go many places now without seeing a coffee shop chain and a coffee cup. if you are a perso…

  • Sale
    Impossible Bottle
    Now: £17.99
    Was: £19.99

    What used to seem impossible is now possible. There's no magic, no trickery, just what appears to be…

  • £79.99

    If it's a giant selfie stick you want then Mighty Selfie Stick is the stick of sticks. At 10ft long …

  • Sale
    Sloth  Mood Light
    Now: £10.99
    Sale: £11.99
    Was: £11.99

    Sloths have become something of a enigma in recent years. They are very slow, no one has has seen on…

  • Crystal Skull Bowl

    There are a couple of ways to get your hands on your very owen crystal skull. One way is to become a…

  • Sale
    Champagne Shower
    Now: £10.99
    Sale: £13.99
    Was: £13.99

    Only the poshest of plants are watered from Champagne bottles. Other plants have to wait until their…

  • T Rex Skull Light

    This 3D skull in a bell jar looks more like something you'll find in the basement of the Natural His…

  • Hang Up Light

    Just hang it up and switch on. The Hang Up Light is a clothes hanger and a light at the same time. I…

  • Elephant Lamp

    Maybe it's the flappy ears or the long trunk, well whatever it is we all find elephants quite cute a…

  • Prick

    With stunning photography and well written content Prick is a must for any amatuer. Gynelle Leo…

  • Mine Bath Plug

    Just stick the plug in and watch the mine as it floats around the bath, careful you dont knock it! …

  • Grizzly Bear Beanbag
    Sale: £169.99

    It's probably not that convenient keeping a real grizzly bear at home, and it'll probably object whe…

  • Gryp Keychain

    If you happen to be a bit of a germaphobe when out and about then the Gryp Keychain is the ideal too…

  • Sale
    Miffy Rechargeable Light
    Now: £65.00
    Sale: £67.99
    Was: £67.99

    Miffy First Light is a modern take on the original Miffy Lamp. The difference with Miffy First Light…

  • Willa Walker

    The Willa Walker is named after the little girl who the inventor used to try his very first design o…

  • Sale
    3d Deco Yoda Light
    Now: £19.99
    Was: £21.99

    Now you can have the ultimate Jedi Knight head on your wall lighting up your life with the force. T…

  • £13.99 - £41.99

    *Please Note: This product cannot be shipped via Royal Mail. Shipping is for express delivery via co…

  • Crufts Dog Cooling Mat

    If your dog struggles in warm weather to keep themselves cool then this Cooling Mat provides a perfe…

  • AquaVault on Chairs

    The AquaVault provides you with peace of mind by providing a secure place to leave your valuables wh…

  • £189.00 - £979.00

    The Paradise Pad is a water mat, a mat the floats on water allowing you to sit stand, party, or do w…

  • Miffy Dream Lamp

    Miffys Dream Lamp is named so because unlike the standard Miffy Lamp this Miffy is sat on a cloud. T…

  • Sale
    Lia Heart Shaped Lamp
    Now: £109.99
    Sale: £139.99
    Was: £139.99

    Elegant, warm and altogether quite charming. The Lia Lamp is a heart shaped lamp that will add a a s…

  • Beer Towel

    If you like beer, going on holiday and sitting on a beach then this is the towel for you.... or mayb…

  • Picnic Blanket - On The Moon RugPicnic On The Moon

    It's not quite Picnic On The Moon, that would cost millions and your sausage rolls would float away.…

  • Unicorn String Lights

    Light up your life with these super cute Unicorn String Lights. Perfect for a baby nursery with low …

  • Unicorn Colour Changing Mug

    What magical elixir can you drink from a Unicorm Mug? Well surely anything you put into this colour…

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