Hydra-Light Lantern

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  • Hydra-Light Lantern
  • Hydra-Light Lantern

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This is the new Tesla of the lamp world. It's cleaner and full of more tech stuff than any other lamp out there. Over the years the clever guys from Hydra-Light have finally made a lamp that can be powered using water.

The SuperCell Hydralight lantern is a true hybrid with it’s lighting and charging capabilities, combining renewable solar energy with three HydraCell energy cells to provide over 300 hours of light and power, without the need for disposable batteries.

The lantern is equipped with 24 bright LEDs to illuminate large rooms and outdoor areas, an integral solar panel, and an internal battery that recharges low voltage devices via the USB output - ideal for keeping your phone or GPS charged during off-grid adventures.

At the heart of the Hydralight lighting series is the eco-friendly HydraCell energy cell.  Each cell is designed for easy activation, impregnated with salt infusion that produces a steady electrical current once hydrated, making it ideal for emergencies.  The HydraCell can be activated at any water source and will run for hundreds of hours until the inner components become dry.  Subsequent rehydration will provide a constant power output for up to 25 years or even longer!

Three biodegradeable HydraCell energy cells are required to operate the SuperCell Lantern, delivering thirty times more power than a premium AA Alkaline battery.  The longevity of the energy cells removes the need for replacement batteries and helps to reduce millions of disposable batteries from entering landfill each year.  Made from biodegradable materials, and harnessing energy from renewable sources, the Hydralight energy series ticks a lot of boxes for a more sustainable future.

  • Hydralight triple cell lantern
  • With 3 HydraCell energy cells
  • Fold down carry handle
  • Provides over 300 hours of continuous light/power
  • 24 bright LEDs
  • USB and DC output to power external devices
  • Rubberised port protectors
  • Internal 2600mAh lithium battery and solar panel
  • 259 x 191mm
  • 940g
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