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Inflatable Lifelike Elephant

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Product Description

Probably not the best thing to buy if you live in a small flat where you might struggle to swing a cat let alone a rather large blow up elephant. If however you have a spare room and adequate lung power this 7 foot Inflatable Elephant is an ideal companion.

Standing at 7ft tall, this elephant is the closest replica of one of the largest living animals on land.

A real elephant can weight over 500 lbs, this lifelike replica is only 20 lbs and packed into a small box for easy transportation.    

Spec: Great for indoor/outdoor use, exhibits, and event display AirTight construction, can be placed virtually anywhere With excellent quality construction and attention to life like details, this inflatable has detailed line art and quality 4 colour process printing for a great finish.


7ft Tall from top of trunk

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