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Inflatable Reindeer

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Product Description

No Christmas is is complete without a Reindeer - after all - How do you think the presents get all the way from Santa's Grotto?

This Inflatable Reindeer is fairly lifelike or should we say as realistic as your going to get with something that goes from flat to 74" tall in seconds.

Standing at 74" high this Inflatable Reindeer is just as big if not bigger than the real thing.

To complete those Christmas decorations this year, this Inflatable Reindeer is perfect!

The Inflatable Reindeer is a much more economical alternative to a fiberglass display. It is also lightweight. It can stand up on its own. 

The package includes a repair kit for any punctures or holes. Inflates and deflates for easy transport.

Just like all of our inflatables it's made of high quality vinyl

Size: 56" L x 26" W x 74" H (from hoof to antlers)

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